We are a relatively new group, formed from individuals who share a common interest in Diesel and Electric traction. Our membership spreads comparatively wide with members in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Borders, Morpeth, Nottingham and even as far afield as Portugal.

Our members have a wealth of knowledge for model rail and have the skills to match for painting, weathering, detailing etc. All the stock we run on our layouts at shows, is prototypical. We do not run fictitious locos or rolling stock and for the most part have photographic evidence of the real thing to back this up. We mostly run with 3-link couplings for more realism, and only a few items will run with Kadee couplers. Aside from being weathered and fully detailed, all traction at shows are sound fitted. We have at our disposal some of the finest layouts available, and show favourites such as Hazelbank, Kinlochewe, and Glenfinnan. We also have available Cement Quay and Brewhouse Quay built by Chris Nevard. Check out the layouts page on this website for more details and a full list of what we can offer.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, by far the easiest way is via our Facebook page. Either search for SDEG on Facebook or click the orange box at the bottom of the page for direct access. Alternatively you can email us direct at :- 


We are currently looking for suitable premises, preferably in the Falkirk/Stirling area. As we are a new group and an hobby/leisure group,we do not have the ability to pay commercial rent and rates. Our only income is membership fees, so we need somewhere that would be sympathetic to our passion for both model rail and also the real railway.

We all share the same enthusiasm for the railway, and ideally a former railway building or site would be perfect, not only could we continue our promotion of the railway, but also help to preserve and maintain the heritage of some of Scotland's beautiful buildings around the network. A former station building or disused signal box would serve, not only our purpose as a railway group, but also preserve the building's heritage and history.

If anyone can help us with this, please do get in touch.

Thank you.